“Running in between two mobs to avoid aggro and pulling both instead.” - attack-on-tuumblr


Running in between two mobs to avoid aggro and pulling both instead.”
- attack-on-tuumblr


iheartar replied to your post “dwarf hunter!!!! but dwarf paladin but dwarf shaman”

(I have all of those things [the best is when you give the spellcasters a long braid because when they cast it whips around in the wind {plus all their ‘i can’t attack that’ phrases are heavily accented}])

THAT’S MY FAVORITE THING TOO I remember it from my dwarf priest!! that is definitely a significant pull for a dwarf shammy. I was considering a dwarf mage but idk I might do a draenei mage instead because cute horns ugh (but what if draenei paladin instead????) 

speaking of phrases, I ran through all the /silly undead lady phrases and laughed really hard because I’m a giant child 

UGH WOW IS SO FUN the downward spiral happens so fast tho

Dwarf mages can be pretty interesting because traditionally the Bronzebeard Dwarves were pretty anti-magic, but recently (with the Cataclysm) a sect of Dark Iron Dwarves rejoined the Three Hammers and brought acane magic with them. Same with shamans and the Wildhammer clan (the Wildhammers are elemental worshipers and are the dwarves that raise the alliance gryphons and inhabit aerie peak and they’re awesome ok), but there’s not as much stigma there.  Bronzbeards are just like, “Yo, why you wanna commune with the air and the plants and water and shit when there’s all this gREAT ROCK”

so basically what i’m trying to say is there is a lot of social tension in the practice of arcane magic among dwarves that has absolutely no effect on the game other than pretending it’s there when you play your character

afamiliardog asked: omg dude I've never played on an RP server before and I love it, I was running around and ran into a couple of 85s discussing future militia maneuvers, it was so good

I really like RP servers, for that very reason.  Sometimes you run into some really interesting things (and people are really friendly as long as you respect what they’re doing), and there are a bunch of guilds that organize really elaborate events (I used to be in one), and a couple groups that ‘perform’ in Stormwind (at least, I hope they’re still there).

And then other times you’ll see naked Night Elves dancing for Gnomes and that’s when you should get on your fastest mount and peace out.


Druid Mythic Tier 17


6.0 class changes tickle my fancy.