"I don’t know where you get your delusions laser brain."


When you’re playing a blue deck and someone asks if they’re spell resolves

"For your safety, please avoid contact with close family members and restrain from the following: all terms of endearment such as honey or sweetheart, baby-talk with young children, and rhetorical discourse. For greater safety, please avoid the English language. Please do not translate this message."


Lee Pace / Thranduil • behind the scenes. 

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A new battle area has been released in the Harrowmoor along with our first bounty wight, a rufous seerjack! Battle threads posted in this area have a 10% chance of producing a bounty encounter.

Erewaker’s orchard (levels 4-6)

Once a flourishing apple orchard, this plot of land was abandoned several years ago due to its high breach activity and now possesses an eerie quality of haunted neglect. The trees have grown strange, tangled, and half-rotted in their constant exposure to Otherworld energy, and drop fruit that few animals dare eat lest it bring them close to the dark burrows dug between the roots. A sweet smell of decay constantly hangs about the air; the ground is carpeted with a thick layer of fallen leaves which sometimes rustles strangely. Visiting Ginterghasts, particularly inexperienced ones, are often startled by the unusual number of small breaches found here — occasionally as many as two dozen at a time.

Wightwold is an original dark fantasy RP with stat and dice-based combat elements. We are currently in beta and accepting applications — join us on Jcink!

“What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.”



1. Pour out how much you think you need.

2. Wrong.